Danny Beyrer

Web & iOS Developer

Creating is my passion.

I am a software engineer with a background in chemical engineering from Rose-Hulman. In February of 2015 I was working as a project manager at an industrial automation and instrumentation company. I wasn't happy in my career. I wanted to create. In an attempt to do so, I had applied and been accepted into a Materials Science and Engineering PhD program. After fully considering the option I realized that graduate school was more about not abandoning chemical engineering and less about finding the right career. I started studying programming on my own and loved it!

I came to the conclusion that I could obtain a PhD and make obscure things in a $5 billion lab 45 minutes away from my house, or I could learn to build software and make practical things on my laptop from anywhere. I chose the latter. This motivation brought me to The Iron Yard in Indianapolis where I learned to convert my existing problem solving skills into code.

I have been creating cool things full-time as a web and iOS developer since November of 2015.

My other interests include music, cooking, and early swing dancing.

Click here to see a PDF of my resume.